Primavera Exhibition at Barbican Library 12th-30th March 2019

EFO Artist will be showing their latest work at the Barbican Library insprired on the "Primavera" --Spring. For this exhibition Claudia had made 4 pieces that represent what primavera means, which for her is Rebirth and Inspiration.

Claudia's designs are inpired in the greatness of nature and the acceptanceof transience and imperfection. The beauty that comes after moths of bitter winter.

Each of her piecesare full of colour and nature patterns involving multiple pottery bulding techniques including Raku and Wabi Sabi

Primavera Exhibition 12th-30th May
at the Barbican Library Silk Street London EC2Y 8DS

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About Claudia Luque

Claudia's work is inspired by her travels and open exploration - she is always trying new techniques, glazes and firing methods including hand building, throwing and slip casting along with different firing techniques including Raku which she enjoys the most.

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