Exhibitions at "El Nogal", Bogota-Colombia entitled Delicate Nature

After an amazing exhibition at Burgh House, Claudia will show her Delicate Nature collection. Come and enjoy the quirks, the cracks, the singularity of things. Feel the beauty in the imperfections, because those characteristics are what make us unique and worth loving.

Claudia Luque:

Claudia loves to work with clay as it allows her open exploration. She is always trying new techniques, glazes and firing methods. In this exhibition, she explores the fragile beauty of colour, shape and textures that are pleasant to our senses. www.claudialuque.com

About Claudia Luque

Claudia's work is inspired by her travels and open exploration - she is always trying new techniques, glazes and firing methods including hand building, throwing and slip casting along with different firing techniques including Raku which she enjoys the most.

Instagram links

Claudia Luque Ceramics: www.instagram.com/claudialuqueceramics
Claudia's students work: www.instagram.com/claudialuquestudio

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